360 degree Virtual Tours

Open Sample Tour Castanea Resort Lüneburg

Now there is movement.

Generate more bookings with a movie or a 360-degree virtual tour of your hotel.

Sample tour  Castanea Resort Lüneburg

Sample tour   Zürcherhof Zürich

Best quality

Especially through my work in conventional hotel photography, I have a lot of experience with image processing, decoration and image composition.
All qualities that you can also benefit from in panorama photography.

High quality equipment:

I create 360-degree tours with high-quality cameras, like those used for conventional hotel photography. This guarantees higher quality compared to simpler cameras and a higher image resolution of 12000 x 6000 pixels.

Delivery of the individual photos as well:

With me you not only get the finished tour, but also all panoramas as individual photos. For example, to further promote the Google Business presence of your hotel.

High compatibility:

I work with probably the best existing 360 degree code, that of krpano. This allows a high display quality and compatibility with a large number of end devices.

Integrated process:

I often create virtual tours and conventional photos in one process. This will save you time as everything can be done in one day.

Sample tour  Rabennest Rabenau

Sample tour  Cityhotel Braunschweig

Sample tour  Schwiecheldthaus Goslar

Sample tour  Eurostar.

A virtual tour of your hotel

Interactive 360-degree panoramas are a modern way of presenting hotels on the Internet. They keep visitors on their website longer and the possibility of getting an idea of the rooms increases. I would be happy to combine your individual panoramas into a virtual tour, and not only in flash but also in html5, so that everything is also visible on the iPhone, for example. It’s easy for you or your webmaster to integrate your panorama photos – and if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. If you would like a virtual tour that can be integrated into Google Places, I would be happy to advise you on this as well. If you have any questions about virtual tours, either now before or later during installation, you can of course call me at any time or write me an email. I’m happy to help.

How Virtual Tours are created

Nowadays, 360-degree panorama photos are mostly created with fisheye lenses that have an angle of view of 180 degrees and are connected to a special tripod head. For the panorama, several exposures are then photographed in 4-6 different directions, which are then assembled into a 360-degree image using special software. After some retouching, this image is made interactive with another special software, so that it can be played under Flash or HTML5 in the normal browser without additional plugins. If the individual panoramas are to be combined into a virtual tour, they are now usually programmed „by hand“ according to your individual wishes. Panoramas can be combined with navigation maps, thumbnails or hotspots according to your wishes. The integration of sound or video is also possible if required.